Welcome to Dreamstone Bengals!

We are a family run Bengal cattery based in Staffordshire, established since 2004.

Dreamstone Bengals produce exceptional kittens for show and breed quality or outstanding pets. We specialize in brown rosetted Bengals (with big donut rosettes) with incredible pattern, colour and type. Our breeding studs and queens come from champion blood lines from America and Europe.

We pride ourselves on giving our cats and kittens a happy and loving environment to be healthy and well socialised. All of our cats have access to the family home on a daily basis, with our three children being their favourite play mates!

Our kittens are born and raised in the family home and are showered with love, cuddles and affection, creating outstanding kittens with the most loving and adorable temperaments.

Dreamstone Bengals is a registered prefix with T.I.C.A and GCCF since 2004.

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